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by Jack Fritsch Published 7 months ago Updated 2 months ago

Audit Identifies Lessons for DoD in Future Pandemics

An inspector general audit has identified lessons learned in the Coronavirus pandemic for DoD to apply in any future pandemic, …More

CRS Lists Federal Pay Topics for Possible Review

A report for Congress lists a number of topics regarding federal pay that Congress might want to review, including long-standing …More

FECA Program Urged to Speed Up Consideration of Claims from Firefighters

A bipartisan letter from six senators has urged the Labor Department to act quickly to create a special unit to …More

GAO Cites Takeaways from Its Review of Federal Telework

In a blog posting, the GAO has said that its latest report on telework in the federal workforce identified a …More

Report Shows Impact of Inadequate Savings, Health Problems on Retirement Spending

While retirement financial planning often is based on an assumption that retirees want to maintain a certain level of spending …More

20 Percent of TSP C Fund Invested in FAANG Stocks

Do you know that you hold shares in Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google? Probably quite a few shares. These …More

VA Updates Disabilities-Rating Schedule

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced plans to revamp its process for scheduling the way it rates respiratory, …More

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