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by Johan Cormier V Published 1 year ago Updated 2 months ago

How do I sign up for clickforms Canadian free?

Sign In to your AppraisalWorld account. Click on " ClickFORMS Desktop " from the " My Desktop Software " section. Try ClickFORMS Canadian Free for 15 days. ClickFORMS is known for its ease of use, reliability and industry innovation. We're applying that same hassle-free approach to our cloud-based appraisal form-filling application.

How can I get free technical support with clickforms?

Try all the time-saving features of ClickFORMS and get free technical support for 15 days — no hassle, no risk, no obligation! An AppraisalWorld account is included in your free ClickFORMS evaluation. When ClickFORMS has a new release, your software will prompt you to update automatically.

What is areasketch for clickforms?

AreaSketch for ClickFORMS Designed specifically for field professionals required to draw an accurate sketch and calculate area square footage and perimeter values, AreaSketch stands alone when compared to existing sketch solutions. FreeForm Technology™ allows users to draw any sketch.


What is clickforms appraisal?

ClickFORMS is the most intuitive appraisal software available. Reduced training means that appraisers of any background can quickly become proficient and productive team members. •. ClickFORMS does not require complex dedicated network installation and can be installed on multiple machines in multiple locations.

Is Clickforms easy to use?

Being easy to use, doesn’t mean that ClickFORMS lacks advanced features that you want in your appraisal software. ClickFORMS is full of powerful features that will help you finish your appraisal reports faster and more efficiently so that you can turn more business.

Can I use Clickforms at the same time?

ClickFORMS® is licensed to the appraiser who signs the reports. Your assistants can use your ClickFORMS membership at the same time without additional cost. You have the flexibility to install the software on all your machines in multiple locations.

Is Clickforms available for multi-appraisers?

ClickFORMS is available for the multi-appraiser office environment. Added user ClickFORMS Memberships can be the same or any mix of membership levels. Accounts with three or more appraisers qualify for Multi-appraiser office discounts. ClickFORMS is the most intuitive appraisal software available.

How to update ClickForms?

However, some will choose to update ClickFORMS at a later time. If updating ClickFORMS manually, simply click the "Help" tab from the main menu, then select "Check For Updates".

What is clickforms appraisal?

ClickFORMS is the industry's most intuitive and easy-to-use appraisal software so that you can complete your valuation assignment without the frustration of having to learn new software. While ClickFORMS is easy to use, professional appraisers use it everyday to complete a variety of appraisal reports. 1.

What is RapidSketch Real Estate?

RapidSketch was built from the ground up to change the way Real Estate professionals looked at sketching. Instead of having tons of redundant features, RapidSketch has a few simple tools that can do it all. All Area Templates, Symbols, and Stock Label Libraries can be customized to fit your needs, and then backed up in the event your hardware fails. RapidSketch technology has raised the bar and made huge waves in the valuation industry, so check it out today.

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