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Where is Palmetto State Armory located?

Palmetto State Armory is a firearm manufacturer and retailer located based out of Columbia, SC. Our brand of firearms, hunting necessities, fishing products, accessories, ammo, safes, clothing and much…… Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about Palmetto State Armory.

How to contact Palmetto State Armory for CWP classes?

Interested in South Carolina CWP classes or instructional firearm training? Need Assistance? Questions? Need help? Call us: (803) 724-6950 © 2021 Palmetto State Armory.

What is Palmetto State Armory’s return policy for firearms?

Once a firearm is shipped to the FFL, Palmetto State Armory will not accept a return or exchange under any circumstances. If a defect is discovered by the customer after shipment, the customer must contact the firearm manufacturer directly for replacement or repair.

What kind of products does Palmetto State Armory sell?

Our brand of firearms, hunting necessities, fishing products, accessories, ammo, safes, clothing and much…… Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about Palmetto State Armory.


How long does Palmetto take to ship 2021?

According to the Palmetto State Armory website, non-specialty orders typically take five business days to ship out. Upper receivers can take up to 15 business days and firearms as well as lower receivers can take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days to ship.

Can you return a gun to Palmetto State Armory?

Palmetto State Armory will accept defective products in an unaltered condition within 30 days of the delivery date for a refund, credit (less shipping), or exchange and may be subject to a restocking fee. Firearms, Ammunition and Clothing are not returnable.

Does Palmetto State Armory repair guns?

Full Lifetime Warranty. We want the person who bought a great quality firearm at an excellent price to have comfort in knowing that no matter what, the firearm can be fixed at no additional cost.

How long does PSA take to ship firearms?

Typically, you can expect your order to ship within 5 business days. Upper receivers may take up to 15 business days to ship out. Serialized items (firearms, lower receivers, etc.) may take 7-10 business days to ship out; please verify that PSA has a copy of the FFL from your dealer.

How long does it take to get refund from Palmetto State Armory?

Palmetto State Armory Response The customer will receive two seventeen dollar refunds, one from each of their orders, in the next five to seven business days.

Where is Palmetto State Armory located?

Columbia, South CarolinaPalmetto State Armory is an American firearms company based in Columbia, South Carolina.

Does PSA have a lifetime warranty?

Palmetto State Armory firearms are covered by an industry leading 100% Lifetime Warranty. This extends beyond the original purchaser. We want the person who bought a great quality firearm at an excellent price to have comfort in knowing that no matter what, the firearm can be fixed at no additional cost.

How good are PSA rifles?

They're not super custom rifles like you might get from a company like LWRC or Daniel Defense. But, the more expensive PSA rifles are still capable guns. There's a range of options. But, the overall trend is that Palmetto State Armory generally makes affordable, reliable rifles, not super custom rifles.

Are Palmetto State uppers any good?

By the Numbers. After some minor break-in to loosen things up…my PSA uppers were fully reliable at my current round count of 1500 across all three. It'll do its job within mil-spec with regular plinking ammo, and seems to like PMC Bronze overall the best (Best AR-15 Ammo).

Who does PSA use for shipping?

For domestic shipments, PSA uses multiple carriers and determines the best service based on various factors. These carriers currently include: USPS. FedEx.

Does Palmetto State Armory require signature?

Only serialized items from PSA cannot be held at local dropoffs because those require adult signature. Notmal packages can be held, unless your local hub has marked all packages from PSA as potentially hazardous.

How long does PSA grading take?

Card Authentication & GradingService LevelEstimated Turnaround Time* (in calendar days)Regular15-30 DaysEconomy45-90 DaysValue**90-120 DaysSpecial**150 Days5 more rows

Does Palmetto State Armory do gunsmithing?

Greg is a certified gunsmith and has been involved in competitive shooting sports for 10+ years.

Who makes Palmetto State Armory firearms?

Palmetto State Armory founder and CEO Jamin McCallum tells the story of how it all began and where Palmetto State is going. Jamin also shares his main motivation for creating an American made firearm that carries an unlimited lifetime warranty.

What does Moe mean in guns?

Magpul Original EquipmentThe MOE Rifle Stock (Magpul Original Equipment) is a drop-in replacement for AR15/M16 A1 and A2 rifle stocks utilizing the standard rifle-length receiver extension (buffer tube).

Is Palmetto Armory legal?

California Compliant Guns, Magazines & Gun Parts Palmetto State Armory offers a wide variety of guns that are legal in California at the prices you know and love. Browse our selection of rifles, handguns, revolvers, and magazines that are compliant for our fellow Californians.

Thought I would give them one more try..

Thought I would give them one more try ordered another shot gun from them from PSA in Columbia to be shipped to PSA in Greenville that was 24 days ago they took my money from my card sent me a email said order is being processed haven't heard anything from them since tried calling them was going to cancel my order said wait time was going to an one and half hour finally just hung up the phone it's amazing they stay in business....

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. Turtle shipping. No response from PSA when you ask a question. 3rd and last time ordering from them.

Horrible Qc. Crappy customer service

So I ordered a blem chf. I knew it would have marks. I could care less about marks rather build quality and long-term effectiveness of the upper. So I get it and the damn handguard was loose. The barrel nut was loose and the damn gas block. All loose. So I tried tightening it down and realiythe upper was totally out of spec.

Disappointed with my experience so far

Disappointed with my experience so far. I received my Dagger frame yesterday to my local FFL/range. It was the first they had seen also and we we're all excited to see how it performed. Slapped on my g19 gen 3 Rock Slide USA slide (which had about 800-1000 rounds though it without any failures) and went to work.

Crooks for what they sold me, and now liars for pretending they care about the trouble.!

After my 1 star review and a registered letter to their CEO Wylie, PSA (Summer) emailed me, expressing concern about my trouble. For a second time, I submitted their request for photographs of the rifle's BENT (yes, bent beyond firing) barrel.

Read the BBB complaints, enough said

This company could literally not get a gun delivered to my FFL. I waited for a month and I deal with a large FFL, waited for hours on the phone to cancel and was finally given a charge back after 3 weeks of waiting so 7 weeks with nothing to show for it. That being said about my experience, this company THRIVES on deceptive practices.

Garbage business. Steer clear!!

Unfortunately, I heard PSA was a good company to deal with, but I didn't take a few minutes to check their reviews BEFORE buying. FORTUNATELY, I only ordered a small batch of ammunition, as a test to see how quickly they ship - before buying anything additional, like firearms and bulk ammo.

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