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What are iforms?

iForms are electronic forms used to collect required information from candidates, employees, and new hires. iForms reduce manual data entry and store collected information directly in the iCIMS Talent Platform. It is used within an organization's talent acquisition workflow

What is iCIMS talent cloud?

The iCIMS Talent Cloud is a single recruiting platform that delivers transformative solutions across every stage of the talent journey. Cloud-based recruiting software purpose-built for commercial businesses and large, global employers.

Why recruiting with iCIMS?

Recruiting is more competitive and complex than ever before, and the pressure to deliver is tremendous. iCIMS' enterprise recruiting solutions help you support the needs of your team in order to move your business forward. Recruiting technology changes faster than any other area of HR.

What's new at iCIMS?

iCIMS introduces new Opportunity Marketplace! Learn how it will empower talent to build a long-term future with their current company. Create incredible candidate experiences that communicate your brand, mission, and values with recruitment marketing solutions.

How do I access iCIMS?

To log in, access your company's iCIMS URL (e.g., Then, enter your login and password. Finally, click the Log In button. (Note: The password is case sensitive, but the login is not.)

Is iCIMS a legit company?

Is iCIMS a good company to work for? iCIMS has an overall rating of 3.4 out of 5, based on over 645 reviews left anonymously by employees. 63% of employees would recommend working at iCIMS to a friend and 49% have a positive outlook for the business.

What is the purpose of iCIMS?

iCIMS is the Talent Cloud company that empowers organizations to attract, engage, hire, and advance the talent that builds a winning workforce.

What is iCIMS full form?

iCIMS, Inc. is a cloud-based human resources and recruiting software company. The company name is an acronym that stands for Internet Collaborative Information Management Systems.

What does iCIMS cost?

iCIMS Talent Cloud pricing iCIMS Talent Cloud paid version starts at USD 1,700.00/month. Pricing Details: Our pricing is based on certain available packages as well as the complexity and robustness of the final system, which is scaled to meet your specific needs.

Does Amazon use iCIMS?

In addition, we use third parties for recruitment-support services (e.g., iCIMS, Inc., SalesForce Inc., work agencies). In providing such services, these third parties process your personal data on Amazon's behalf.

What is iCIMS applicant tracking systems?

An applicant tracking system is a software application that enables recruiters to manage their recruiting efforts electronically. The software allows a company to: Collect information about candidates. Organize them based on categories like skills and experience.

What does under review mean in iCIMS?

Overview. User admins can configure the application status that displays to candidates on an iCIMS Applicant Tracking (ATS) career site on a per-status and per-site basis. Recruiting Workflow bins and statuses without a configured label will display as "Under Review" to the candidate.

What is iCIMS profile?

Overview. iCIMS' Applicant Tracking enables users to review and manage information regarding a candidate in association with a specific job within a Recruiting Workflow profile. This profile represents the relationship between a Person profile and a specific Job profile.

What is iCIMS number?

(888) 324-9205Need assistance? Use the form below or contact us by phone at (888) 324-9205. Visit the iCIMS Customer Community for technical support, resources, release information, and more.

Is iCIMS public or private?

The software company had filed for an initial public offering (IPO) in August last year. However, the IPO market has virtually come to a standstill this year as stocks have plunged amid a tech-led market sell-off, forcing iCIMS to abandon listing plans.

How many employees does iCIMS have?

With approximately 1,000 employees and more than $200 million in annual recurring revenue, the company is the largest recruiting software provider across mid-market and enterprise segments.

Is iCIMS easy to learn?

Icims overall is very easy to use and intuitive.

Is iCIMS an ATS?

Part of the iCIMS Talent Cloud, our ATS (along with the rest of our recruiting solutions) integrates with most HCM or payroll providers, creating a bidirectional flow of data. This makes activities like reporting, onboarding and sourcing internal candidates more efficient.

Is iCIMS cloud based?

The #1 ATS in market share, our cloud-based recruiting software is built for both commercial and large, global employers.

How do I log into Wipro iCIMS?

Within your iCIMS Talent Cloud, select the circle with your initials (or profile picture) on the far right of the menu bar. Then, select Help (highlighted in the screenshot below). You will then be logged in to the Community site, which will open in a new tab.

What does iCims do?

When you join iCIMS, you join the team helping global companies transform business and the world through the power of talent. Our customers do amazing things: design rocket ships, create vaccines, deliver consumer goods globally, overnight, with a smile. As the Talent Cloud company, we empower these organizations to attract, engage, hire, and advance the right talent.

What do you get when you connect with us?

Connect with us to receive immediate notifications about open jobs, exclusive invitations to events, career tips, and company updates.

What is an iform?

iForms are electronic data collection forms housed within the iCIMS Talent Platform. All iForms are permanently stored within the Platform and are associated to Recruiting Workflow, Job, or Person Profiles.

When a form answer is replaced via PUT /forms, does the existing formDataId change?

When a form answer is replaced via PUT /forms, the existing formDataId does not change.

Does post/forms fail?

While POST /forms will fail if a form exists (i.e., the owner has previously filled out the form), PUT /forms will delete existing responses and replace them. Any non-required fields that are not included in the PUT /forms payload will be deleted; this cannot be undone.

Can you submit a filled out form?

Submit a filled out form. A form can be filled out using POST or PUT. See below for a template and example for submitting a filled-out form using POST; the URL and format for PUT are the same. The behavior for creating new forms (i.e., owner has never filled out the form) is the same for POST and PUT.

Can you retrieve a form that has not been completed?

Either URL provided below may be used to retrieve filled out form data for a specified Form. For both, only questions/fields that exist will be returned; for example, a form that has not been completed will not show a completedDate.

What is iCims cloud?

The iCIMS Talent Cloud delivers a secure, agile, and compliant platform designed to empower talent teams, job seekers, and partners with advanced data protection and privacy.

Does iCims meet current needs?

Based on your current employee size, iCIMS does not have a solution that meets your current needs. iCIMS has members in our partner ecosystem that may have solutions that more directly addresses organizations’ hiring needs in your segment.

Does iCims have a solution?

Based on your current employee size, iCIMS does not have a solution that meets your current needs. iCIMS has members in our partner ecosystem that may have solutions that more directly addresses organizations’ hiring needs in your segment. By completing and submitting this form you are: (i) confirming you are not an existing iCIMS subscriber; and (ii) providing consent to iCIMS to provide your contact details to a member of our partner ecosystem. If you do not wish to provide this consent, please do not submit this form.

How to request information from a company?

You have the right to request information from the Company about the nature and scope of any Report(s) by contacting the Company in writing, within a reasonable period of time after receipt of this disclosure

What does the company seek for background information?

In connection with your employment application and for other employment purposes, including but no limited to promotion, assignment, reassignment, or discipline, (the "Company") may seek background information about you from a consumer reporting agency.

Can you submit answers on iForm?

Warning: This is a preview of the iForm only. You cannot submit answers.

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